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Computations & Graphics, Inc.


Computations & Graphics, Inc. (CGI) was established by Junlin Xu in Illinois in April 2002. Our first product, Real3D (formerly Real3D-Analysis), was initially released on September 9, 2002. The company subsequently moved to Denver, Colorado in November 2002. Since day one, our mission has been to develop top quality software that is practical, accurate, easy to use and affordable for practicing structural engineers who do not have time to study and operate very complex structural analysis and design software.

We have many significant differences from our competitors. For example, our software is written from the ground up in modern programming language instead of using code that is several decades old. This makes our software more robust and easier to maintain. Our software uses industrial-strength graphics engine instead of some home-made graphics routines. This means our graphics are more stable, visually compelling and extremely fast.

We recognize that accuracy and reliability are of utmost importance to engineers. We therefore strive to provide engineers with software that produces most accurate and reliable results. The unique quad-precision solver in Real3D is a great example. It rises in accuracy above the industry standard double-precision solvers. Many ill-conditioned (numerically challenging) problems under double-precision solver become solvable under our quad-precision solver. Our sparse solver in Real3D brings unbelievable speed improvement to our users (up to 100 times faster than the standard solver), and yet it does not cost you tens of thousands dollars. Another example is our concrete column design module which uses exact method to compute P-Mx-My interaction diagram and surface instead of some approximate or empirical methods. Of course, our unique and blazingly fast concrete design solver will save your precious time too. Our steel design module produces incredibly detailed calculation procedure as if written by your very own hand.

We believe good software must be designed with usability and good taste in mind. For example, Real3D allows you to input data graphically via mouse-clicks, or numerically via spreadsheets, or both. And yes, it also allows you to enter input through command window. Real3D offers multiple document interface, that is, multiple files can be opened and worked on simultaneously. This means you can exchange data and compare results more easily. This feature sounds simple and reasonable, but very few engineering software tools offer the feature. Unlike our competitors' rudimentary and blackbox approach, we provide true area load definition. You will like the flexibility in Real3D to convert area loads to line loads, knowing the software places loads in ways you expect it to. How about using our cColumn to create your very own concrete column design PDF handbook similar to CRSI Handbook with actual P-M interaction diagrams? We challenge you to find another program that can do what our software does in the market today!

CGI takes pride in its innovations and invites you to join hundreds of companies who have already benefited from using our software.




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